AeroGarden Pods – What To Know

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AeroGardens are great indoor garden kits that allow you to grow your own fresh herbs and vegetables in a convenient way. They can be used for growing sprouts, microgreens or even flowers.

AeroGarden Pods are the perfect way to easily grow your own plants with hydroponics. 

Even though they’re easy to use, there are still many questions that people have about the AeroGarden Pods. These are the most frequent AeroGardens questions that are asked about the seed pods.

What Are AeroGarden Pods Made Of?

AeroGarden Seed Pods are made of plastic growing baskets, grow domes, and grow sponges that use peat moss and labels made of paper.

When making your own AeroGarden Pod, grow baskets are usually made of plastic or aluminum. 

The grow domes are transparent covers that are usually made of lightweight plastic. 

AeroGarden Seed Pod Composition
AeroGarden Seed Pod Composition – source:

How Long Will It Take Plants to Germinate?

Plants vary widely in their rate of growth. Some require longer periods than others before they begin growing. We’ve found these germination times to be fairly consistent in our growing experiences.

  • Salad Greens: 5-8 days
  • Herbs: 5-15 days
  • Flowers: 7-12 days
  • Vegetables: 7-14 days

The great thing about AeroGarden is their 100% Germination Guarantee. After 21 days, if any of the seed pods don’t germinate, contact AeroGarden support and they’ll replace it for Free. 

What If The Seeds Don’t Germinate?

If one of your seed pods don’t germinate after 21 days, contact AeroGarden for their 100% germination guarantee to send you a free replacement seed pod. 

If you have multiple seed pods that don’t germinate, it is most likely due to the water that is being used. In order for a plant to grow healthily, its nutrient solution (water and plant food) must contain specific levels of minerals and nutrients.

City water is usually safe and within the ranges for use in an AeroGarden, but sometimes chlorine levels can be high. You can fix that by leaving the water out for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate from the water before adding it to the AeroGarden.

Hard water and well water are the top reasons for plant growth issues in an AeroGarden. If water has too high alkalinity (high pH) or acidity (low pH) levels, then it may interfere with the effectiveness of the plant food. It can prevent the plant roots from taking in nutrients, which can prevent germination, stunted growth, and/or yellow leaves.

Soft water adds high amounts of sodium and will lead to the same plant issues as hard water and well water.  

If your city’s tap water is soft/hard/well water, you’ll get better results if you buy cheap bottled distilled water from your local grocery store.

What Is The White Fuzz On My Seed Pod? 

You might see some white fuzz growing on the tops of your grow sponges, but it is not harmful to your plants. 

It’s most likely a beneficial fungus and indicates good organic, biological activity and health for plants. The white fuzz won’t prevent seeds from germinating, hurt the plants, and will not affect the edible quality of your plants.

As your AeroGarden plants grow larger, it will use up more nutrients, light, and water. The white fuzz will then have little to feed off of and will go away by itself. 

How Long Do AeroGarden Pods Last?

Each AeroGarden seed pod kit is tested before they’re sent out, so they’re guaranteed to be good. They’ll last up to 1 year from the testing date.

If you want to ensure that your seeds sprout properly and allow the seed pods to last longer, even up to 2 years, store them in a dark, cool location where they won’t get too hot. It keeps them cool and dormant until you’re ready to grow them in an AeroGarden. A popular storage location is the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator, while in an airtight bag or container. 

Over time, the seed pods will take longer to germinate. Don’t be surprised when the number of days a seed pod takes to germinate is longer than expected for an older seed pod. 

The plant food nutrients have a much longer shelf life and don’t need any special care.

Do AeroGarden Pods Expire?

Yes, AeroGarden Pods will expire after one year from the date of assembly. Once expired, the pods are unlikely to germinate. If you store the seed pods in a cool and dark place, like a refrigerator, the pods can last up to two years from the assembly date. 

Are AeroGarden Seeds And Nutrients Organic?

Aerogarden seeds come from various sources worldwide including both large and small suppliers. The majority are heirloom seeds. The seeds are organic when it can be sourced, but they never use GMO seeds.

AeroGarden uses its own proprietary blend of plant nutrients to create an environment for plants that promotes healthy root development, strong stems, large leaves, and vigorous flowering. They don’t contain any harmful pesticides or herbicides at all.

The AeroGarden liquid plant food is made of nutrients and minerals that plants need. They come from natural sources that guarantee consistent quality and purity.

Can I Use My Own Seeds In An AeroGarden?

Yes, you can grow your own seeds in an AeroGarden by getting the Grow Anything Kit

With the Grow Anything Kit, you can plant and grow your own choices of favorite seeds in an AeroGarden. You don’t need any special equipment for growing anything from snap peas to wild flowers. If planting from seed or cutting, however, it can sometimes be a bit of an experimental venture.

There’s no germination guarantee with the Grow Anything kit though, because you are supplying your own seeds. 

You can also find a variety of seed pod options for growing fruits and vegetables on the AeroGarden website, including your ability to customize your own package of 6, 9, and more seed pods.

 Are AeroGarden Pods Reusable?

Yes, the AeroGarden Pods are reusable, except for the grow sponges. You’ll need to get replacement grow sponges to use as the seed pod’s growing medium. To reuse the seed pods, empty out the used pods of the old sponge/growing medium and any leftover plant roots. Wash and dry the seed pod. Then place the new grow sponge into the pod with the seeds. That’s all there is to reusing the AeroGarden Pods. 

AeroGarden Seed Pods Final Thoughts

All in all, the AeroGarden Seed Pod is a great way to start gardening. It allows you to grow and harvest fresh produce without having to worry about soil, water, weeds, pests, or weather. Plus, you can grow just about anything you want. 

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