Best AeroGardens for Indoor Gardening

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Interested in starting a garden but don’t have the outdoor space? We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at AeroGarden’s top models for indoor gardening.

There are various AeroGarden models to choose from, and it can be tough to know which one suits you and your space best.

We’ll highlight the key features that set each model apart along with their specifications. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of which AeroGarden will best meet your home gardening needs.

5 Key Takeaways on Best AeroGarden

  1. AeroGarden offers several models like Sprout, Harvest Elite 360, Bounty Elite, and Farm 24 Basic. Each model has unique features to suit different growing needs.
  2. The number of plants you can grow varies by model. Sprout can grow 3 plants, Harvest Elite 360 can grow 6, Bounty Elite can grow 9, and Farm 24 Basic can grow 24.
  3. LED light wattage ranges from 10 watts in the Sprout to 60 watts in the Farm 24 Basic. Higher wattage supports larger and more plants.
  4. The size of the AeroGarden models varies. Sprout is compact and ideal for small spaces. Farm 24 is large, similar to a double-door refrigerator, and suitable for growing more plants.
  5. Higher-end models like Bounty Elite and Farm 24 Basic come with touchscreens, Wi-Fi, and vacation mode for easier management. Basic models like Sprout have simple reminders for water and nutrients.

What Are the Best AeroGarden Models in Each Family?

AeroGarden came out with several Garden Families. We chose the top models from each family and compared them in the table below.

 AeroGarden SproutAeroGarden Harvest Elite 360AeroGarden Bounty EliteAeroGarden
Farm 24 Basic
Plant Pod Capacity36924
Maximum PlantGrow Height10 inches12 inches24 inches12 inches
LED Light Wattage10 watts20 watts50 watts60 watts
Size (H x W x D)10.5″ x 3.5″ x 12″17.4″ x 9″ x 9″34″ x 17.25″ x 11.25″24″ x 36″ x 14″
Low Water ReminderYesYesYesYes
Nutrient ReminderYesYesYesYes
Dimmable LightsNoNoYesYes
Vacation ModeNoYesYesYes
Models to CheckSprout
(latest price)
(latest price)
(latest price)
(latest price)

A distinct difference among the model families mentioned above is the number of plant pods. The plant’s maximum grow height, LED light wattage, and overall size correspond to the pod capacity.

Harvest 2.0 is the latest Harvest family model from Aerogarden that came out in 2024. However, we excluded it from the table above due to underwhelming user reviews. Read more about its issues in our review of the AeroGarden Harvest Models.

What Is an AeroGarden?

AeroGarden uses a soilless method called hydroponics. This system lets you grow lots of produce without needing a big garden or worrying about pesticides. It’s like having a farm in your kitchen or living room.

Here’s how an AeroGarden setup works:

  1. Food and Nutrients – Instead of soil, plants grow in water full of nutrients. It’s like the plant’s own buffet.
  2. LED Lights – These special lights take the place of sunlight. It helps your plants grow strong and healthy. They can be dimmable for some AeroGarden models.
  3. No More Pesticides – An AeroGarden setup is usually done indoors. That means that your produce is less prone to pests. With AeroGarden, pesticides are a thing of the past. You get healthy and safe food every time.
  4. Easy for Everyone – There are several options on what you can grow in an AeroGarden. The setup is best suited for herbs and small plants like cherry tomatoes. It’s way simpler than managing a whole greenhouse.

AeroGarden offers different Garden family models that you can choose from depending on how much you want to grow. For those who love cooking with fresh herbs, there are kits with popular herb varieties.

Don’t worry about getting busy and forgetting your Aerogarden plants. It has your back with reminders to change Aerogarden water and feed plant food to them whenever they run low on it.

What Features Does an AeroGarden Have?

The multiple families and different models available on the market might make your purchasing decision difficult. Allow me to help you understand some common features across all models.

AeroGarden Seed Pods and Kits

The image shows the best AeroGarden kit, featuring a white plastic insert with holes for planting, a bottle of AeroGarden Liquid Plant Food, a bundle of brown seed pods, and an instruction guide.

Each AeroGarden model can grow a specific number of plants at once. This is determined by its plant pod capacity. Each Garden family has a different pod capacity.

 AeroGarden SproutAeroGarden Harvest Elite 360AeroGarden Bounty EliteAeroGarden Farm 24 Basic
Plant Pod Capacity36924

Here’s how it works: place the pre-seeded pods in your garden, add water to the water reservoir, add the patented liquid nutrient, and watch your plants grow. AeroGarden plant pods will keep producing herbs or veggies for 6 months or longer. After that, you can choose from over 30 different seed pod kits to keep your garden full again.

These kits cover a wide range. Take your pick of fresh herbs, leafy greens, and even some veggie plants. If there’s something specific that you want to grow that’s not in the kits, you can check their  “Grow Anything Seed Kits” which lets you plant whatever you like. 

If you want to save some money, you can build your own DIY AeroGarden yourself

AeroGarden LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights play an important role in plant growth by acting as a substitute for natural sunlight. They come in various wattages. For AeroGarden models, they range from 10 to 60 Watts to suit different plant sizes and types.

 AeroGarden SproutAeroGarden Harvest Elite 360AeroGarden Bounty EliteAeroGarden Farm 24 Basic
Maximum Plant Grow Height10 inches12 inches24 inches12 inches
LED Light Wattage10 watts20 watts50 watts60 watts

Here are some key points to remember about using LED grow lights:

  1. For taller plants, you should adjust the light’s height to prevent leaf burning. Keep a safe distance between the light and the top of the plants.
  2. When growing plants in an AeroGarden it is important to choose those that do not exceed the maximum height limit of the model that you have.
  3. Prune burnt leaves when necessary.
  4. Harvest regularly to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

AeroGardens have built-in light timers that vary based on the model and the plants you’re growing. If you own an AeroGarden Bounty or Farm, you get the benefit of setting your light cycle. This customization feature lets you decide how long the lights stay on. Most plants need 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness.

You can also purchase AeroGarden light extensions online to give your plants plenty of space if you want them to grow even bigger.

AeroGarden Design and Dimension

Aerogarden sprout with a sleek black design, featuring a built-in LED grow light. Several fresh green herbs, including basil, dill, and parsley, thrive in the compartments of this AeroGarden.

Choosing the right AeroGarden size is all about what and how much you want to grow. Let’s examine the available sizes to make it easy to pick the perfect fit.

Harvest Elite 360
Bounty Elite
Farm 24 Basic
(H x W x D)
10.5″ x 3.5″ x 12″17.4″ x 9″ x 9″34″ x 17.25″ x 11.25″24″ x 36″ x 14″

The Sprout model is compact, much like a microwave. It is great for fitting small spaces. The Harvest Elite 360 model is a bit larger than the Sprout but still perfect for most countertops. The Harvest line also has Slim models that offer the same 6-seed pod Harvest capacity in a longer thinner lineup.

The Bounty Elite is the largest model that can fit your counter space while offering more room for growth.

Then there’s the Farm 24 model. These can hold up to 24 seed pods and are like the double-door refrigerators of AeroGardens. They offer a lot of space for plants.

An AeroGarden will add a touch of green to your space and ensure fresh produce all year round, regardless of the size.

AeroGarden Controls, Adjustments, and Connectivity

Each AeroGarden model comes with a unique control panel that offers different features. Let’s break down the key points for each model type.

 AeroGarden SproutAeroGarden Harvest Elite 360AeroGarden Bounty EliteAeroGarden Farm 24 Basic
Low Water ReminderYesYesYesYes
Nutrient ReminderYesYesYesYes
Dimmable LightsNoNoYesYes
Vacation ModeNoYesYesYes

The Sprout model is the most straightforward. They only have reminders for plant water levels and nutrient needs. The Harvest Elite 360 almost has the same control options for plant food and adding water but with an added feature for vacation mode.

The Bounty Elite model is slightly more complex. It has a touchscreen control panel feature and indicators for when to add plant food and water. It also lets you control light intensity and can enter vacation mode.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also a plus. This means that you can control your garden from anywhere using the AeroGarden app. All of Bounty Elite’s features are also true for the Farm 24 model.

How Do I Choose an AeroGarden That’s Best for Me?

How do you know you’re picking the right AeroGarden model? These 4 simple steps should help you decide.

Step 1: Decide What You Want to Grow

Choosing an AeroGarden model is all about what are your ideal plants to grow for AeroGarden. Each model works similarly, but the size of what you can grow varies.

For a small selection of mint leaves and other herbs, the AeroGarden Sprout is great. It is the most space-saving option. For compact plants such as mini tomatoes, the Harvest Elite 360 and Bounty Elite are perfect.

For big and sprawling veggies like big tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers, the Farm 24 model is best. It’s designed to accommodate larger plants with ample space and adjustable lamp height.

Step 2: Assess Your Space at Home

When you have decided on what you want to grow, you need to make sure that you have the right space for it. Most models can fit your kitchen countertops comfortably with the Sprout model as the smallest one. The farm model takes the space of a double-door refrigerator.

Indoor gardens still function like outdoor gardens. They still need enough airflow to support plant life properly. Avoid placing your AeroGardens in confined areas like closets.

Step 3: Determine Your Desired Variety

For this step, it will be important to keep the seed pod capacity in mind. If you plan to grow a variety of 1-3 plants, then the Sprout model will be enough for you. However, if you want to grow 9 varieties at once, you may need to invest in the Bounty Elite model.

Step 4: Consider How Many People You’re Feeding

For this last step, you need to think about the population inside your house. Do you get visitors often? Do you hold parties every weekend?

For a person living alone, the Sprout model is sufficient as a source of fresh herbs. For a couple, the Harvest Elite 360 will supply a good amount of salad greens.

For three to four people, the Bounty Elite can offer a selection of multiple plants. For families and bigger groups, the farm models will be the most ideal in growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Best Aerogarden Final Thoughts

With so many options in the market, it is only right that you take the time to understand what AeroGarden is, how it works, and how it supports plant life.

We have tackled several points that will help you in your gardening goals. Choosing the right AeroGarden model depends on what you want to grow, how much space you have, the variety you desire, and how many people you plan to feed.

AeroGardens makes indoor gardening easy and enjoyable for everyone. This is why they came up with several models that will fit different preferences, home arrangements, available space, and family setups. 

Best Aerogarden FAQs

1. What Can You Grow in an AeroGarden?

You can grow almost any kind of plant you want in an AeroGarden. AeroGarden provides 30 seed kit options of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers on its website. If you have something else you want that they don’t provide, you can get yourself a Grow Anything Kit that’s more DIY.

2. Is It Easy to Grow Herbs in the AeroGarden?

Yes, it’s very easy. All AeroGarden models can grow herbs. Herbs are the simplest plants to grow in smart gardens. They don’t need much maintenance so they are perfect for beginners.

3. What Is the Best AeroGarden for Beginners?

If you’re just starting, the AeroGarden Harvest is a great beginner model. It can grow both herbs and small vegetables. It’s easy to use and doesn’t need much maintenance.

4. Do I Need to Have a Green Thumb for an AeroGarden?

No, you don’t need a green thumb to grow fresh herbs and plants with an AeroGarden. They are designed to be easy to use.

5. Can You Use Tap Water in Your AeroGarden System?

Plants grown in the AeroGarden can thrive with most tap water. If your tap water is very hard, you might get better results with distilled water or reverse osmosis water.

Distilled water has no minerals which is why it’s perfect for hydroponics. Filtered water, hard or softened water, bottled water, well water, and some tap water can cause pH imbalances. To keep your garden healthy, refill it with distilled water.

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