How to Rinse and Refill AeroGarden: Essential Tips for Growth

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The Rinse and Refill siphon allows you to rinse and refill your AeroGarden without having to remove it from its stand. This saves time, money, and space.

Changing the water in the AeroGarden is already simple. AeroGarden made the Rinse and Refill Siphon as another option to change the water. 

This guide will cover what the Rinse and Refill Siphon is, how it helps, and how to rinse and refill AeroGarden systems. 

How Often to Rinse and Refill AeroGarden

Rinsing and refilling the water in an AeroGarden provides a flushing out of the current water. Clean water improves plant health and growth. It also helps prevent algae from growing. 

You should Rinse and Refill AeroGarden every 4-6 weeks to maintain fresh water for your plants. It will help for faster growth, longer lifespans, and larger harvests. I prefer to change the AeroGarden water every 4 weeks to keep the water fresh and clean for the plants.  

The advantage of the Rinse and Refill Siphon is that you don’t need to take the grow deck and plants off of the water reservoir, and disturbing the plant roots. 

AeroGarden Rinse and Refill Siphon

How to Rinse and Refill AeroGarden

The Rinse and Refill Siphon makes it easy to change out the water and nutrient solution. Follow these steps to perform a Rinse and Refill: 

  1. Close the vent valve on the siphon. 
  2. Insert the pickup tube in the AeroGarden water reservoir base. 
  3. Insert the accordion tube into an empty bowl or directly into the sink. Wherever the old water will go. 
  4. Squeeze the bulb repeatedly to get water flowing from the AeroGarden to the accordion tube. There’s no need to squeeze very fast. 
  5. Stop squeezing once the water starts to flow. The water will continue to flow until the water reservoir is empty. 
  6. Once the water stops, open the vent valve on the siphon. 
  7. Fill the garden with fresh, distilled or filtered water.
  8. Add in liquid plant food. 

Here’s a video of the Rinse and Refill in action: 

Rinse & Refill Siphon - How to use

Rinse and Refill AeroGarden Final Thoughts

Using the Rinse and Refill AeroGarden Siphon makes changing the water easy and quick, with no need to disrupt the plants and its roots. 

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