How to Rinse and Refill AeroGarden: Essential Tips for Growth

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AeroGarden has changed the game for indoor gardening. It’s a handy hydroponic system that lets you grow herbs, veggies, and flowers right in your kitchen. Pretty cool, right? But to keep your plants happy, you need to rinse and refill your AeroGarden regularly.

It’s like giving your plants a spa day! This process keeps the water clean and full of nutrients. I’ve been using my AeroGarden for years, and trust me, rinsing and refilling make a huge difference.

4 Key Takeaways on How to Rinse and Refill AeroGarden

  1. Regularly performing a “rinse and refill” helps improve your AeroGarden plants’ health by keeping the water fresh and free from algae.
  2. Aim to “rinse and refill” your AeroGarden every 4-6 weeks. This practice ensures your plants get the nutrients they need for optimal growth.
  3. Using a rinse and refill siphon makes changing the water on your AeroGarden an easy task. You won’t need to lift the Grow Deck or disturb your plants’ roots.
  4. Refreshing your AeroGarden with clean, distilled, or filtered water can lead to stronger, healthier plants and better harvests.

What Is “Rinse and Refill”?

A small indoor hydroponic garden is placed on a kitchen counter with lush green plants growing under an LED light. with a Rinse and Refill Siphon.

I’ve grown countless plants in my AeroGarden, and I’ve learned a thing or two about keeping them happy. You might think you need to change the water every week. While that can also benefit your plants, what can really make them take off is what AeroGarden calls a “rinse and refill.” It’s super easy, and I’ve seen amazing results. 

“Rinse and refill ” is the periodic flushing of your AeroGarden’s water tank without disturbing your plants. This practice helps boost plant health, encourage growth, prolong lifespans, and yield large harvests. I’ve watched my herbs shoot up after doing this. It even helps prevent algae too!

How Often Should I “Rinse and Refill” My AeroGarden?

Ready to give your AeroGarden plants a boost? Every 4-6 weeks, it’s time for a water change. This simple step can work wonders for your indoor garden. Not only will it keep your garden fresh, but it will also allow your plants to absorb optimal nutrient levels. I like to refresh my AeroGarden water every 4 weeks.

Want to make this task even easier? Try using a Rinse and Refill Siphon. It’s a great practice because you don’t have to lift the Grow Deck or disturb your plants’ roots. Just siphon out the old water and add in the new. Your plants will thank you with lush, healthy growth. It’s a real time-saver for busy gardeners.

How Do I “Rinse and Refill” My AeroGarden?

A hand siphon pump with a flexible hose and a red accordion-style pump bulb, perfect for transferring liquids from one container to another.

If you’re an AeroGarden owner, you know how important it is to keep your indoor garden in top shape. The “Rinse and Refill” siphon makes it easy to replace the water in your AeroGarden and nutrient solution for your plants. If you’re not sure how to do this properly, don’t worry—I’ll walk you through the process.

Follow these steps to perform a “Rinse and Refill”:

  1. Find the vent valve on your refill siphon (shop here) and make sure it’s closed tight.
  2. Take the pickup tube and pop it into the AeroGarden’s water reservoir.
  3. Got an empty bowl handy? Great! Stick the accordion tube in there. Or if you’re near a sink, that works too.
  4. Now for the fun part. Squeeze the bulb until you see water flowing. A steady rhythm will do the trick.
  5. Once you see water flowing, you can stop squeezing. The garden will keep draining on its own.
  6. When the water stops, it’s time to open up that vent valve on the siphon.
  7. Fill your AeroGarden tank up with fresh water. I always use distilled or filtered water for my plants. They seem to love it more than softened water.
  8. Don’t forget to add some liquid plant food. Your plants will thank you for it!

If you don’t have AeroGarden’s rinse and shine siphon, you can buy an alternative such as this Water & Fuel Transfer Pump Siphon by Luigi’s (check item). It works just the same!

A clean garden is a happy garden. So why not make this a regular part of your plant care routine? Your green buddies will thrive, and you’ll feel like a gardening pro.

“Rinse and Refill” AeroGarden Final Thoughts

Different types of plants take different amounts of time to germinate and grow. But the “rinse and refill” practice might just be your ticket to faster growth and bountiful yields!

Every 4-6 weeks, swap out the old water for fresh, nutrient-rich goodness without disturbing them. This simple trick stops algae and creates a perfect growing space. The rinse and refill siphon makes this procedure such a breeze. From herbs to veggies, they’ll all love the fresh start. Give it a shot and watch your AeroGarden burst with life.

“Rinse and Refill” AeroGarden FAQs

1. How Often Should I Refill AeroGarden?

You’ll want to refresh your AeroGarden’s water and nutrients every 4-6 weeks or so. I’ve found that emptying the bowl, giving it a quick rinse, and adding fresh water with Liquid Plant Food works wonders. This simple routine can really boost your plants’ growth.

2. Can I Use Tap Water in My AeroGarden?

Tap water can work great unless it’s super hard or loaded with chlorine. In that case, distilled water is your new best friend.

3. How Do I Change the Water on an AeroGarden?

You can easily maintain your AeroGarden by removing the Grow Deck. This lets you access the Grow Bowl with water. Every 4-6 weeks, take out the bowl, dump the old water, and give it a good rinse. Then refill it with fresh water. You can also do the “Rinse and Refill” method if you don’t want to disturb your plants by taking out the Grow Deck every time.

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