AeroGarden Light Too Bright: How to Fix It

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AeroGardens are an amazing way to enjoy fresh herbs, veggies, and fruits indoors year-round. They are also a fun addition to any home decor.

AeroGarden uses special LED lights to help your plants grow strong and healthy, even when natural sunlight is scarce. However, sometimes these lights can be too bright and not ideal for all plants or setups.

Let’s explore why AeroGarden lights might be too bright and provide simple, effective solutions to fix the issue. I’ll give you helpful tips to ensure your plants thrive without the light being overwhelming.

7 Key Takeaways on AeroGarden Light Too Bright

  1. AeroGarden grow lights act as a substitute for sunlight in indoor setups. They provide the energy plants need to grow and thrive indoors.
  2. Modern AeroGarden lights use LED panels that enhance plant growth by up to 50% and are 60% more energy-efficient compared to older CFL bulbs.
  3. AeroGarden lights use a blend of daylight white, blue, and red LEDs. Each color supports different aspects of plant growth.
  4. Grow lights provide a consistent light source, which is crucial for photosynthesis. This allows you to garden throughout the year, regardless of outside weather conditions.
  5. Some AeroGarden models offer the ability to dim the lights through various methods, including voice commands with Alexa, smartphone apps, or built-in touchscreens.
  6. If your lights are too bright, you can use dark fabrics, adjust the light hood height, reposition the garden, or use simple barriers to manage light levels without affecting plant health.
  7. While dimming lights won’t harm your plants, it’s important to balance light and darkness to mimic natural conditions. Aim for 12-16 hours of light and 8-12 hours of darkness.

What Does an AeroGarden Grow Light Do?

Close-up of vibrant green leaves with jagged edges, possibly parsley or a similar herb, against a softly lit background.

The AeroGarden Grow Light is the secret to your indoor garden’s success. Ever wondered how these handy devices make your plants thrive without sunlight? Let’s dive in!

LED panels have revolutionized indoor gardening. They’ve made AeroGardens more efficient than ever. These new lights boost plant growth by up to 50%. What’s more, they use 60% less power than older models with CFL bulbs. That’s a win-win for your plants and your energy bill!

AeroGardens now uses a smart mix of light colors. They combine daylight white, blue, and red lights. Each color plays a unique role in plant growth. White light speeds up overall growth. Blue light helps plants grow bigger. Red light encourages more flowers to bloom.

Think of the grow light as your plants’ personal sun. It gives them the energy they need to grow, even when they’re far from a window.

Here’s why the grow light is so important:

  • It provides consistent light for photosynthesis
  • It helps plants grow faster and stronger
  • It allows you to garden year-round, regardless of weather

Have you noticed how some plants stretch towards windows? With an AeroGarden, they’ll grow straight and strong because the light comes from above. If your AeroGarden lights are not functioning, make sure to check it and repair as quickly as you can.

How Do You Dim the Lights on the AeroGarden?

A close-up of small green plants growing in a hydroponic system. The plants are placed in yellow growing pods with a black base, with some leaves sprouting out.

Before you manage the light level of your AeroGarden model, make sure that it has this feature. Some do, some don’t. Once you’ve confirmed your garden’s got this element, you’re ready to roll. 

Using Alexa to Dim the Lights

Connecting your AeroGarden to Alexa opens up a world of hands-free gardening. Start by linking your AeroGarden to the app. Once that’s done, Alexa will recognize your garden’s name when you speak.

Got an Amazon Echo? You’re in for a treat. Let’s say your garden’s assigned name is Groot. Just say, “Alexa, turn Groot on,” and watch the magic happen. Want to set the mood? Try “Alexa, dim Groot’s light.” It’s like having a green-thumbed assistant 24/7.

Here’s a quick rundown of voice commands you can use:

• “Alexa, turn on Groot”
• “Alexa, turn off Groot”
• “Alexa, dim Groot’s light”

Imagine tending to your indoor garden without lifting a finger. You’re cooking dinner and need more light? Just ask Alexa. Heading to bed and want to create a cozy atmosphere? Alexa’s got your back.

You can control your garden from anywhere in your home. It’s not just convenient—it’s revolutionary for busy plant parents.

Using the AeroGarden App as a Remote Control

You can control your AeroGarden lights with a smartphone app. Just download it from your app store. But not all models have this cool feature. Only the AeroGarden Bounty and Farm Garden Families let you dim or switch lights on and off remotely. The Sprout and Harvest? They’re basic so no Wi-Fi capabilities for those guys. It’s pretty neat to adjust your garden’s lighting from your couch, right? I’ve found it super handy when I’m away from home. 

Using the AeroGarden Touchscreen Control Panel

You’ll love the AeroGarden Farm and Bounty models’ color touchscreens. They put you in charge of your lights. Want to dim them? No problem. You can adjust the brightness to any level you like. And setting up sunrise and sunset lighting? It’s a breeze.

These screens aren’t just functional – they’re high-def too. You’ll see every detail clearly as you tweak your settings. But here’s the best part: one-touch control. It’s so simple, that you might find yourself playing with the lights just for fun.

Ever wished you could make your plants think it’s dawn or dusk? Now you can. With these models, you’re not just growing plants. You’re creating their perfect world according to your schedule. How cool is that?

What Are Other Ways to Make AeroGarden Lights Less Bright?

Bright AeroGarden lights can be a real pain. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. You’re not stuck with blinding brightness forever. There are easy ways to tone down those intense lights without messing up your plants’ growth. Let’s dive into some tricks I’ve picked up over the years to make your indoor garden more comfy and productive.

  • Use a Dark Silk Fabric – Placing a black fabric over the lights works like magic to soften the glow. You can use other fabrics, but silk is best because it’s not heavy and won’t damage the unit and the light hood. It’s also breathable, so it’ll ensure that the plants still get airflow.
  • Adjust the Height of Your Light Hood – By raising it slightly, you’ll spread out the light more evenly. It’s like giving your plants a softer, gentler hug of light.
  • Reposition Your Garden – Sometimes, a little shift can make a big difference. You might want to consider placing it somewhere aside from your room. You can put it on the kitchen counter to have better access to it. You might be surprised at how much this can help.
  • Consider Tweaking the Light Schedule – Maybe your herbs don’t need 18 hours of full-blast light. Experiment with shorter light periods and see how your plants respond.
  • Try the Good Old-Fashioned Shielding – A small cardboard barrier can work wonders to block light from sensitive areas. Foam boards also work in the same way. I like to get the black ones because they are better at absorbing light. Whiteboards will bounce and reflect the light in other directions. Just be careful not to obstruct airflow around your garden.

By trying out these tricks, you’ll create a cozier space for both you and your plants. Who knows? You might even find yourself spending more time admiring your thriving indoor plants.

Will Dimming My AeroGarden Lights Hurt My Plants?

You might be wondering if tweaking the dimming capabilities of your AeroGarden could hurt your plants. After all, these lights are designed to provide essential light for growth.

You can dim your AeroGarden lights without worrying about hurting your plants. They’ll still use the available light to grow. But keep in mind that brighter lights can help your plants grow faster. Bright light also leads to stronger, healthier plants. 

Don’t keep those lights on 24/7. Plants need their beauty sleep too so they can perform photosynthesis. Aim for a balance instead. You can start with the following:

  • 12-16 hours of light
  • 8-12 hours of darkness

Think of it as a plant’s version of work-life balance. Too much work (light) and they’ll burn out. Too little, and they won’t thrive. This fact does not vary so much from outdoor plants and how they function as well.

Every plant is unique. Some might prefer brighter light, while others are happy with less. It’s all about finding that sweet spot for your green buddies.

AeroGarden Light Too Bright Final Thoughts

Understanding the role of AeroGarden grow lights is crucial for keeping your indoor garden healthy and thriving. These handy lights replace the sun, giving your plants the energy they need to thrive. They use a mix of white, blue, and red LEDs to help your plants grow big and strong.

When it comes to adjusting the brightness, you’ve got options. Use Alexa, the AeroGarden app, or the touchscreen control panel on your Bounty and Farm models to do this. If they’re too bright, try covering them with dark fabric or moving the light hood higher. You can even move your garden to a different spot.

Don’t worry about dimming the lights. It won’t hurt your plants if you do it right. It can even help create a more natural environment. Play around with different light schedules to see what works best for your green buddies.

Every plant is different. Some like more light, others less. Keep an eye on your plants and adjust as needed. With a little tweaking, you’ll have a thriving indoor garden in no time!

AeroGarden Light Too Bright FAQs

1. Can I Cover My AeroGarden’s Light?

Yes, you can. You can use fabric to cover your grow lights. Just pick a breathable material that lets air flow through. Dark fabrics work best since they absorb light better than lighter colors. This simple trick can help control the intensity of your grow lights. It’s an easy way to adjust the lighting for your plants without buying new equipment. 

2. Can You Dim AeroGarden Lights?

You bet! But it’s not a feature you’ll find on every model. The Bounty and Farm versions are the only ones that come with this option. I remember when I first got my hands on a Bounty model. It was like having a mini sun in my kitchen! Being able to adjust the brightness was a great mood-setter, especially when I wanted to create a cozy atmosphere in the evening

3. How Do I Lower the Light on AeroGarden?

There are three ways to do this. Through voice command (Alexa), the AeroGarden app, and the touchscreen control panel.

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