Perfect Timing: When to Take Off the Dome in Your AeroGarden

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Growing vegetables indoors has become very popular lately. It’s a great way to save space and get fresh food without having to spend hours outside every day.

Indoor smart gardens like the AeroGarden the perfect solution for growing healthy, nutritious foods inside your home.

One of the key parts of germination in an AeroGarden is the dome that helps to regulate temperature and moisture to optimize the germination environment. You can remove the domes when seeds start to sprout and the leaves almost touch the domes. 

This article will go into more about the domes and the best times to remove the AeroGarden Domes.  

Take Domes Off When Plants Start to Sprout
Take Domes Off When Plants Start to Sprout

What are AeroGarden Domes Good For?

Whe you first purchase an AeroGarden, there is usually a set of domes included with the kit. These plastic, round dome covers help to regulate the temperature and humidity around the plants.

They also allow air circulation so that the plants don’t overheat, while still allowing any cold drafts from significantly affecting growth.

In addition, they protect the plants from direct sunlight. This allows them to stay cooler at night and warmer during the day. This will help prevent the plants from experiencing extreme environmental conditions. 

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When to Remove AeroGarden Domes

You should remove the dome, when your plant is about half-way from the grow deck to the top of the dome. The dome alone does nothing but protect the plant from the elements.

The most important thing is to make sure you take the dome off before the plant grows to the point of touching the dome. If the plant is hitting the dome, it could lead to damage to the plant.

How to Take the Dome Off?

Use two fingers to squeeze the dome off from the sides. Don’t use too much pressure to prevent the dome from becoming damaged. That will also help prevent damage to the seed pods. 

Sometimes taking the dome off, you’ll notice that the seed pod pops out of its place. Just pull the dome off gently to prevent this. 

Take Domes Off When Plants Start to Sprout
Take Domes Off When Plants Start to Sprout

Can I Reuse the Seed Pod Domes?

Yes, these domes can be reused after removing them. Just put them back on the grow deck for future plants. They can be used again and again, lasting for years!

DIY AeroGarden seed pods can save you money, so taking care of domes will allow you to reuse them. 

Cleaning the domes is easy too with water and drying with paper towels. 

Where Can I Buy the Domes for My Seed Pods?

You can get just the domed containers online. You can buy AeroGarden domes on Amazon or on AeroGarden’s website. Domes will as cheap as $0.25-0.30 each. However, you can buy them in larger quantities to make them even cheaper.

AeroGarden Domes Final Thoughts

The domes are made out thin plastic and you should take them off when your plant is half way up the paper plate. You do that by squeezing it gently from the sides using only 2 fingers. They are good to control the temperature and humidity to get the perfect levels.

If I want I can also use small transparent cups instead of the domed. Keep the domes safely, you can use them again on your next seed pods! 

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