Don’t Kill Your AeroGarden! How to Properly Trim Roots for Healthy Plants

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The roots in an AeroGarden can grow so big that they actually start to lead to plant damage and system clogs. This is why you should always keep the roots trimmed back!

But how do you do this? And what tools should you use? 

This article will guide you through why to trim AeroGarden roots, what healthy roots look like, what tools you need, and how to trim plant roots. 

Trimming AeroGarden Roots Process
Trimming AeroGarden Roots Process

Why Trim AeroGarden Roots?

Trimming your AeroGarden roots allows your plants to thrive and grow. Your AeroGarden system will function properly for years to come if you trim your roots, so don’t be afraid to trim your root system.

When you don’t cut back your AeroGarden roots regularly, they can grow too big and cause major problems. You may hear about a tree root growing into a pipe or see a small tree grow into a crevice in a rock and split it open.

In the AeroGarden, large and long roots can do something similar. As the roots grow, they can easily find their way inside the water pump. This causes the pump to stop working and then you’ll need to replace the pump soon enough.

When roots of one plant are too large, they can also prevent the other plants’ roots from accessing enough water and nutrients. There is only so much space in the water bowl.

Overgrown Long AeroGarden Roots to Trim
Overgrown Long AeroGarden Roots to Trim

Larger plants will have larger roots, so you may also want to consider not using all the spaces in the grow deck when growing plants. Trimming the roots helps prevent this problem, so be sure to trim roots regularly.

However, there is a risk with trimming when the roots of neighboring plants are tangled or intertwined together. This entanglement is dangerous because it could rip out other plants, causing them damage.

It is advisable to avoid the trimming of roots if the plant roots are tangled because of the risks involved. But if the roots are standing separately from one another, then feel free to trim them carefully. 

What Do Healthy AeroGarden Roots Look Like?

Healthy roots should have a fairly smooth feel and vary in shade of white. Brownish areas indicate bacteria buildup.

They should be firm and not soft or mushy. Unhealthy roots may have a dark color and an unpleasant smell.

Roots affected by a bacterial condition are often slimy. Parts of the root that have died are dry or withered away. Snipping off these dead areas is important because it prevents the spread of disease.

Small spots on the surface of the root are harmless, but if you see any discoloration, sliminess, or odd texture, it means that the root is rotting. This could mean that the plant needs water more than usual.

To prevent root rot, rinse and refill the AeroGarden water bowl every month. 

AeroGarden Trimmed Roots
AeroGarden Trimmed Roots

Tools for Trimming AeroGarden Roots

Have Proper Tools

While it may be tempting to cut your hair using a pair of scissors or shears you have lying around the house, it is worth spending some money on having proper tools for the job of trimming roots. 

Look for garden shears that are lightweight and easy to hold. Lightweight makes maneuvering around small roots easy.

An ergonomic design reduces hand strain and good handles offer a comfortable grip. If they’re uncomfortable, you’re going to hate using it. Try them out first before buying a pair. With a good pair of pruning shears, it’ll make trimming easy. 

Check out the AeroGarden shears for trimming roots and pruning plants for harvesting on AeroGarden’s website.

How to Trim AeroGarden Plant Roots

Trimming the roots helps the plant grow strong and healthy in your AeroGarden. You should trim your roots every 4 weeks.

The first time you trim the roots should be at least 4 weeks after you planted the new seed pods. This allows the plants time to grow a stable and healthy root system. 

To see and trim the AeroGarden plant roots, follow these steps: 

  1. Bring the AeroGarden over to a sink because water will drop from the roots. 
  2. Raise the AeroGarden lights to its highest position. 
  3. Lift the grow deck up out of the water reservoir with the seed pods and plants to expose the roots. 
  4. Now you can start to trim the large roots. Trim them just enough that they won’t affect the various parts of the AeroGarden, like the water pump. 
  5. Be careful not to cut the roots too much or else the plant will wilt. 

AeroGarden Trim Roots Final Thoughts

Trimming the roots is something that shouldn’t take too long to do. It takes only a few minutes to trim the roots and it’s really beneficial for your plants in the AeroGarden. 

Remember to keep your AeroGarden clean and free of debris so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

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