AeroGarden Lights Not Working: Troubleshoot and Fix

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AeroGardens are an excellent way to grow herbs and vegetables indoors. The AeroGarden is a great all-in-one indoor garden kit and perfect for homes without gardens. 

They are also a fun addition to any home if you have kids.

However, sometimes the AeroGarden lights fail to turn on. If you find that the aerogarden lights are not working, then continue reading how to troubleshoot and fix light issues. 

Here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot AeroGarden lights not working.

Herbs Growing in AeroGarden
Lights Helping Herbs Growing in AeroGarden

Troubleshooting Issues and Solutions

In general, there are a number of issues with an AeroGarden’s lights, but they tend to vary depending on which version you own. However, most of these issues can usually be resolved by just following some simple steps. If something doesn’t match your model, just skip it and go to the next one.

Before trying to fix the AeroGarden lights with these solutions, be sure to turn off your AeroGarden and unplug it first. 

1. Check The Power Cable and AeroGarden Port 

Inspect the power cord for any broken connections, bent wires, or otherwise damaged parts. You may need to repair or replace the cable if it’s been damaged.

Check out the plug socket on the wall, and the connection point where the cable plugs into the AeroGarden. 

Try cleaning the connection point by wiping off dust and dirt with a Q-tip. If the issue continues, check whether there’s something else like bent connectors.

In case this doesn’t solve the issue, you can try purchasing a new cable. 

If other parts of the AeroGarden are still working, it’s not a cable issue, so you can skip to the other checks.

2. Check The Timer

AeroGarden owners often use timers, so they don’t have to keep turning their gardens back on and off constantly.

Make sure that any timers switches on your AeroGarden aren’t broken or damaged, otherwise they could keep the garden from turning on at its scheduled time.

If you’re unable to turn off the timer, shut down the AeroGarden completely and check if it works when restarted.

It might keep the AeroGarden from turning itself on because something else is preventing it from doing so.

3. Reposition The Light Post And LED Hood

In some cases, there may be issues with the position of the light post and LED panel.

You’ll need to take the light post off its base before you can remove the light hood.

  • If there’s nothing obviously wrong with either part, check both sides for damage, dust, or any spills that could be causing the problem; then clean them if needed.
  • After finishing checking, reattach the light post to its original location back at the base, making sure that the power cord is properly connected and plugged into an outlet. If everything looks good, then plug your device into the wall socket.
  • Once you’ve done so, connect the LED light hood back onto the top of the post. Make sure it is securely attached there too!

When the light hood is positioned correctly, there are no visible marks (2 black lines on the post) anywhere else except for the front edge of the light post itself.

Plug the Aerogarden back into an electrical outlet once everything has been put together.

Pressing the button on the control panel turns the lights on. See if the problem is resolved. If they still don’t turn on, it may be because the wires to the lights have been damaged.

4. Check The Light Power Cables

In case your AeroGarden has two large LED lights above the garden, then there should be 4 plugs coming out from each one of these panels.

They provide the electricity for the LED light panel, and they’re certainly an area worth checking. They’re located at the top of the panel. 

The single wire will be connected at its end points to the corners of the LED panel by means of wires attached to the LEDs themselves.

In each corner of the LED panel, there will be a small rubber bung. This must be taken out first before plugging in the light power cable. Then it has to be put back after use.

Remove the bungs from each wire and ensure that the wires are all properly secured. In case any of the wires were loose, you can unplug and plug them in again. Put the bungs back on to each wire afterwards. 

Plug the AeroGarden into an outle and turn on the power supply. Check whether the lights turn on. If not, move on to the next check.

5. Check Electrical, Metal Contacts for Corrosion or Pin Breakage

Metal pins are usually located at the top and bottom of the arm sections. They are designed to hold the arm sections together and pass electricity through when they are snapped into place.

These pins must be straight and aligned properly. If any are bent, broken, out of line, or corroded, power will not pass through.

If broken, you may need to see if you can buy a replacement section, or contact the manufacturer for advice.

You can also try and fix contact and pin issues yourself:

  • Corroded pins might need cleaning if they’re not rusty yet but aren’t too dirty either. To clean the contacts properly and safely, use an electric contact cleaner.
  • Use a toothbrush to gently clean away any dirt from the pin connectors before cleaning them using an electronic contact cleaner. After doing so, wait for a few moments before brushing them again.

Repeat the brushing as necessary until fully clean. 

Vinegar will also help remove rust from metal parts like screws, bolts, nuts, etc., but it might be hard to get into tight spaces where the part has been inserted. If it’s too difficult to remove the oil from the skin by rubbing it off, then using a Q-Tip or toothpick might help, but be careful you don’t damage it.

If the pins have already become bent, don’t worry, it’s not totally lost. Instead, just bend them back into place using fine pliers. Take it slow and be careful so that you don’t damage them.

You cannot repair a broken pin set if one has snapped off completely. You’ll need to replace it, which you might be able to find online by searching for AeroGarden parts. 

6. Replace the AeroGarden Light Bulb

Of course, solutions can be as simple as replacing the light bulb. If it’s only replacing a light bulb, you can purchase replacements and just replace the lights.

You can find replacement AeroGarden lights on AeroGarden’s website or on Amazon:

7. Contact AeroGarden 

If all else fails, you’ll need to contact AeroGarden and get their advice on what to do. See if you’re still under warranty and if they’ll replace your unit or send you replacement parts. 

AeroGarden Lights Not Working Final Thoughts

All in all, it is best to take care of your garden lights as soon as possible. It would be better to avoid these problems altogether rather than waiting until they happen.

It is important to keep your lights well-maintained because they are essential for keeping your plants healthy and happy. The more often you water your plants, the healthier they tend to be.

This article should give you some ideas about how to troubleshoot and fix your AeroGarden lights. Hopefully, this guide will help you solve the problem quickly.

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