Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower Review

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In this Robomow RS630 Review, I’ll be getting into the details of this feature-packed robot lawn mower to see if it’s the right one for you and your yard. 

For a quick summary, the Robomow RS630 is one of the best robot mowers out there and will provide a great lawn mowing experience for the majority of lawns. This mower provides great value for the money. 

The Robomow RS630 can mow larger lawns up to 3/4 acres and has the ability to deal with different zones within your yard. The RS630 also has a large capacity battery, allowing it to mow for over an hour and a half on a single charge. Another great product feature is the ability to integrate with a smart home. 

Now let’s take a look at the technical specifications first of this Robomow electric mower. 

Robomow RS630 Key Takeaways

Here are key takeaways from the various benefits and features of the Robomow RS630, a high-quality, user-friendly, and eco-conscious choice for lawn maintenance:

  1. The Robomow RS630 showcases its versatility and performance by easily handling various lawn terrains and managing inclines up to 20 degrees thanks to its large drive wheels which provide good traction on rugged grounds.
  2. Installation and use are facilitated with a straightforward setup process and a user-friendly programming interface via the onboard control panel or the Robomow App 2.0, although the setup can be time-consuming for larger lawns.
  3. Smart technology integration is a highlight, with compatibility with Amazon Alexa and the proprietary mobile and web app allowing for remote control and scheduling, making lawn maintenance easier and more convenient.
  4. Safety and security are well-addressed with features like blade stop on lifting, child lock, anti-theft pin code, and GPS tracking, providing peace of mind to homeowners.
  5. Eco-friendly operation is achieved through quiet operation especially in eco-mode, and a mulching capability that fosters a healthier lawn while reducing waste.
  6. Quality cutting and lawn health are promoted through the RS630’s cutting patterns, edge mode, and mulching function, ensuring a well-maintained and healthy lawn.
  7. Battery efficiency and auto-recharging are notable features with a high-performance Lithium-Ferrum battery providing 80 to 100 minutes of mowing time per charge, and an automatic recharging feature ensuring uninterrupted lawn maintenance, portraying the RS630 as a reliable choice for homeowners.

Robomow RS630 Specifications

The Robomow RS630 robotic lawn mower is equipped with good technical specs for the mid-range price.

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible – Compatible with Amazon Alexa, but not Google Assistant
  • Mobile App – Robomow App 2.0
  • GPS Tracking – Yes (only on the 2019 model and newer)
  • Size of Lawn – Recommended up to 0.75 acres (32,670 square feet), maximum 1.25 acres (54,450 sq. ft.)
  • Max Incline – 20 degrees (35%)
  • Cut Height – 0.8 to 3.5 inches
  • Battery Charge Time – 90 – 110 minutes
  • Mow Time on Single Charge – 80 – 100 minutes

Robomow RS630 Features and Benefits

In this section, I’ll go over the range of features of the Robomow RS630 and the benefits they provide.

RS630 Cutting Patterns and Modes

The Robomow RS630 robotic lawn mower method to mow your lawn is to cut often and a little each time, which provides a couple of key benefits.

First, your lawn is always at exactly the height you set the mower to cut at. That gives homeowners the manicured yard that many love with shorter grass. The cutting height can be adjusted with the twist of a knob on the RS630, with a minimum cutting height of 0.8 inches.

The second benefit is that the resulting grass clippings are always short and don’t need to be raked or collected. Those clippings will become mulch and easily absorbed by the lawn, acting as a natural fertilizer. This mulching process promotes healthy grass growth. 

The Robomow RS630 also incorporates a special edge mode that takes advantage of the mower’s clever design to allow it to cut right to the edge of your lawn. That helps enable the robot mower to cut lawn edges as cleanly as possible.

RS630 Lawn Size and Cutting Deck

The Robomow RS630 robotic mower is designed to mow large yards up to a recommended 0.75 of an acre, although the maximum is 1.25 acres. For an idea of how large a 1 acre lawn is,  that’s about 80% of a football field. 

The cutting deck refers to the area underneath the mower that the blades cover in a single pass. In the case of the RS630, this is a good 22″ which gives it a wide cutting pattern. 

The dual blades have a “floating deck” design that allows the cutting height to be flexible as it covers uneven areas of the lawn, like bumps, slopes, and hills.

RS630 Handling Different Types of Lawns – Flat, Slopes, Ditches

The Robomow RS630 can handle incline slopes of up to 20 degrees (35%). It’s quite adept at more rugged terrain thanks to its large drive wheels providing good traction.

However, they aren’t that good when it comes to holes, so I’d recommend that you fill as many of the holes as you can before the first cut. 

If there are ditches and obstacles that can’t be filled or moved, don’t worry. The device can be set to avoid these areas through the use of a perimeter wire boundary that functions as borders/boundaries for the robot lawnmower to stay within. 

Smaller obstacles like sticks and patches of dirt aren’t a concern either. The blades are strong enough to cut right through them.

RS630 Setup and Installation

Most people will be able to do the initial setup for the Robomow RS630 quite easily, but it may take an afternoon or more depending on lawn size. 

The first step is to start the perimeter wire installation around the entire area of the yard that’s to be mowed. With the RS630, it also has multi-zone mapping features. 

The green perimeter wire should also be laid down around obstacles, such as flower beds, bodies of water, and bushes. The wire itself can either be pegged into the lawn with stakes or buried up to a few inches beneath the ground. 

I suggest burying the green wires underneath the dirt where possible. Best to avoid wire breaks if the above-ground wires were to get caught in the wheels.

The charging base station is where the perimeter wire meets and is attached to it. The base docking station itself should be installed within range of a power source/outlet and out of direct sunlight. You’ll also need to install guide wires in the yard to help the RS630 find its way back to the charging unit.

Robomow RS installation video 2018A EN

Professional installation is recommended but do ensure that you’re out there watching too. A friend of mine was dissatisfied with an installation once before and had to have it fixed. But if you’re out there with the installation professional, you can help supervise.

RS630 Design and Build Quality

The Robomow robotic mowers are rugged machines that are designed to be outdoors in most weather conditions for long periods of time – days, weeks, and months.

The RS630 has taken a different approach to the blade system that many of its competitors use. The heavier and wider cutting blades are definitely more robust than many other robots with similar prices. Tall grass is less of a problem.

It is slightly noisier than some rivals, which could be down to the different blade design, but it does incorporate an eco mode that quiets it down to around 66dB. That’s only as loud as having a conversation with someone. 

RS630 Battery Life and Power Source

The Robomow RS630 has a 6Ah 400 Watt Lithium-Ferrum high-performance battery. It has the battery capacity for 80 to 100 minutes of mowing time, depending on the lawn size. Charging time is usually between 90 and 110 minutes.

The actual longevity of the battery depends on many factors, including frequency of use and the lawn terrain itself. The more slopes/hills in your yard, the shorter run time you’ll have, but that’s okay with automatic recharging.

When the battery power is low, the automatic mower simply returns to its charging station, recharges, and sets off to complete the areas it didn’t get to earlier. If it can do your entire lawn in one charge, then it simply returns to its station after completion. 

As a rough guidance, your battery should be good for around 5,000 charges before a battery replacement is needed. The battery’s life expectancy is estimated between 3 and 5 years. Replacement batteries are readily available on online stores.

Keep an eye on drop in performance, because it could be time for maintenance. One annoying thing is you won’t be able to see the battery percentage anywhere. But since it self-recharges, I guess you don’t really need to.

The charging base comes complete with a 65 foot (20 meter) low-voltage charging cable that connects the base station to a power source.

RS630 Mower Controls and Programming

Once the installation is done, the next step is to program the RS630 mower’s basic settings.

There is a post-install process during which it will run a variety of initial tests. Tests include detecting the charging station and entering lawn details for optimal performance. 

The RS630 takes this information and sets a mowing schedule.

This can all be done from the RS630 onboard control panel interface. Users can also configure settings using the smartphone mobile app or online app. 

RS630 Smart Technology

The Robomow RS630 offers remote control through their web and mobile app, and through Amazon Alexa. That gives you the ability to use voice commands to control mowing on the RS630 and get status updates. 

The MyRobomow web app and the Robomow App 2.0 both allow you to start, stop, schedule, navigate, and locate the mower. 

RS630 Safety and Security

Robomow has included a number of safety and security features in the RS630 flagship model.

Safety features include the brushless motors stopping the spinning blades when the mower is lifted off the ground or tilted past a certain angle. That’ll help with pets and children around the yard too. 

If you have children, it has a dependable child lock, so the blades and electric motor aren’t accidentally turned on. 

Anti-theft, Security features include the ability to require a PIN code be entered before it will start again after it automatically stops. 

It also has a “Find my Mower” security feature which can locate your mower with GPS tracking in case of theft. 

RS630 Noise Levels

The Robomow RS630 isn’t the quietest of robotic lawnmowers on the market, however this is a relative term as it is still far quieter than traditional, gas-powered push mowers.

The RS630 has a maximum noise level of 74dB, which is not much noisier than a normal human conversation at 66 dB. 

It does feature an eco-mode, that when activated, drops the noise level to around 66dB. One of the advantages of low noise levels is the option of running the RS630 at night. A mower doing midnight runs will allow you to wake up to freshly mowed lawn in the morning.

RS630 Weather Protection

The Robomow RS630 has automatic rain sensitivity options that will detect rain volume. When the rain sensors detect a certain amount of rain, it will stop the mower and return it to the charging station to stay clear of the weather.

It’s built robust enough to be left out in most weather conditions, but it’s recommended to take it indoors when it’s not growing season. That will help extend its lifetime. 

While it can mow the lawn in rainy weather, this isn’t great for the lawn either. Mowing wet grass often results in less clean cuts and larger clippings. Wet grass also clumps together and that could cause blockages with the motor, blades, and wheels. No models are immune to that.

RS630 Maintenance and Cleaning

The RS630 has minimal maintenance costs. These are low-maintenance devices, but they aren’t no-maintenance devices either. 

Regular checkups will help minize maintenance issues and maintenance expenses.

Remember to check the underside to see if it needs cleaning. Periodic blade replacement will also be needed due to the frequent cutting. 

RS630 Accessories

There are a number of accessories on the market for this model, including a Robohome to protect your mower from direct sun and rain. You can also purchase replacement blades, power cable extenders, boundary wire, extra pegs, wire repair kits and more. 

Other RS630 Robot Lawn Mower Benefits

A robot mower isn’t going to give you that striped lawn look, unfortunately. That’s not how robot mowers operate, but what it does give you is a fantastic velvety smooth and healthy lawn with minimal fuss.

Despite its impressive features and lawn mower technologies, the Robomow RS630 doesn’t harm the environment like a ride-on gas-powered mower. 

Robomow RS630 Pros and Cons

RS630 Pros

  • Heavy duty blades that aren’t a problem with cutting through heavy grass, twigs, and pine cones.
  • Eco-mode makes this ideal for saving energy, not disturbing the neighbors, and still having a great looking lawn
  • Easy set-up, the LCD screen takes you through a step-by-step guide. There is also an instructional DVD included.
  • Rain Sensor, the RS630 will return to its base if it detects rain
  • Moves at about 1.5 mph. 
  • Edge Mode to capture the entire edge of the perimeter.

RS630 Cons

  • No Wi-Fi connectivity

Robomow RS630 Review Final Thoughts 

If you are someone who’s always treated mowing the lawn as a chore, then you should really check out the Robomow RS630 Robot Mower.

Robotic lawn mowers help to give you back the weekend time with family and friends. That’s the biggest benefit from all of the RS630 features. 

Here are other robot mower reviews that you might be interested in if the RS630 isn’t quite right for you:

Robomow RS630 FAQs

How does the Robomow RS630  handle obstacles?

The RS630 model doesn’t have any problems handling objects such as rocks, trees, fences etc. However, if there are large stones lying around, the robot might get stuck and not able to move forward. This happens because the front wheel gets caught under the stone and cannot turn anymore. If the RS630 happens to bump into any obstacles, the motor and blades will stop. It’ll then reverse and find a different direction to move in. 

How much slope does the Robomow RS630 handle?

The RS630 handles slopes up to 20 degrees or 35%, but if there is too steep a grade, it may not be able to work that. 

What is the max cutting height of the Robomow RS630 and can it be adjusted?

This robotic lawnmower has a maximum cut height of 3.5 inches, with a minimum of 0.8 inches. The user can adjust the height with a simple knob on top of the machine. 

Is the Robomow RS630 waterproof?

Yes! The Robomow RS630 comes equipped with a water sensor which automatically returns to its home position when it senses moisture. So even though it’s raining outside, the unit won’t run away. But it’s also best not to just leave it out in the rain to soak.

How long will it take to mow your lawn?

How long the RS630 takes to mow your lawn depends on the size of your yard. An average 0.75 acre lot would require approximately 60-75 minutes to mow. For larger yards and yards with many slopes, it could take longer than that. 

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