Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH Review

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Husqvarna has a long pedigree of making high-quality lawn care equipment. In this Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH Review, I’ll look into these robotic lawn mowers and see if they continue to keep the quality in the world of robot lawn mowers.

A spoiler alert, the Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH are outstanding robot mowers that beat many of the normal mowers out there. The 450X and 450XH have multiple features designed to free up your days and weeks, cutting down your time for lawn care maintenance by 99%.

These smart mowers will mow larger lawns of up to 1.25 acres. With a technology mix that includes GPS mapping and boundary wires, the Husqvarna 450X/450XH help to keep a beautifully manicured lawn for you. 

Oh, and they’re one of the quietest robot mowers out there. Nothing like those petrol ride-on mowers!

Let’s get into the details. 

Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH Review Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways that highlight the Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH’s ability to provide efficient, smart, and eco-friendly lawn maintenance, with a blend of safety, user convenience, and long-term value.

  1. Advanced Mowing Capabilities: The Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH are designed for larger lawns up to 1.25 acres, utilizing GPS mapping and boundary wires to maintain a well-manicured lawn. They offer different cutting heights, and modes like Spot and Spiral for effective mowing around obstacles or thicker grass areas.
  2. Smart Connectivity: Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, alongside the Husqvarna Automower Connect app, facilitates easy scheduling and monitoring. Remote control and alerts are also available through the app, enhancing user convenience.
  3. Safety and Security Features: These models are equipped with safety features like automatic blade stop if lifted or tilted, and security features like alarms, PIN code requirements, and GPS tracking to deter theft and unauthorized use.
  4. Quiet Operation: With a noise level of 59dB, comparable to a normal conversation, these mowers can operate without disturbing the neighborhood, even during nighttime.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Running on electricity, these automowers produce zero emissions. The constant cutting also creates natural fertilizer from grass clippings, reducing the need for chemical treatments.
  6. Ease of Setup and Use: Though initial setup might be time-consuming, it’s a one-time effort. Post setup, the mowers require minimal interaction, running on the pre-set schedule and returning to the charging base autonomously.
  7. Long-Term Investment: With proper maintenance, the Husqvarna Automower could last 10 years or more, making it a sustainable choice. The battery life stands out with a 270-minute mow time on a 60-minute charge, and the batteries are expected to last between five and seven years depending on usage.

Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH Features and Benefits

The Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH has one major difference, the cutting height. The Husqvarna 450X cuts grass with a height between 0.8 and 2.4 inches. The 450XH cuts grass that’s 2.0 to 3.5 inches tall. Other than that, the robots are the same.

For this review article, when I refer to “450X,” it refers to both the 450X and the 450XH. So for this Husqvarna Automower 450X Review, the information will overlap into the 450XH too.

Let’s start with the technical specifications of the 450X and 450XH.

450X and 450XH Specifications

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home Compatible – Yes, it is compatible with both systems.
  • Mobile App – Yes, there is an accompanying app called Automower Connect 
  • GPS Tracking – Yes
  • Yard Size -Yards of up to 1.25 acres
  • Max Incline – 45% (24 degrees) 
  • Cut Height – These are fundamentally the same model with the XH denomination refers to a greater cutting height the 450X model cuts between 0.8″ and 2.4″ whereas the 450XH cuts between 2″ and 3.5″ 
  • Battery Charge Time – 60 minutes
  • Mow Time on Single Charge – 270 minutes

In terms of specs, they’re comparable to the flagship robot mowers from other brands.

In the next section, I will cover some of the key features of the Husqvarna 450X Lawn Mower and of course the benefits that these features provide. 

450X and 450XH Cutting Patterns and Modes

One great benefit of a robot mower such as the Husqvarna 450X is your lawn always has that velvety just cut look. The reason for this is, it probably has just been cut. The automower works best when it is programmed to cut often.

For the bulk of your grass cutting, the lawn mower will simply cut as scheduled. With GPS mapping, the 450X always knows where it has cut and where it has to cut next.

For most lawns, it’s recommended that the automower cuts the lawn at least every other day. Constant cutting helps to maintain the grass. This is its default mode and results in your grass always being at its ideal height and encourages your grass to continue growing strong. 

The short pieces of grass that result from the constant cuts act as mulch on the ground. Those little strips of grass mulch act as fertilizer and stimulate grass growth.

If you just got the robot mower, set the mower to run every day initially to get it down to a good height before you go into maintenance mode. If you have a large lawn, you might want to look at allowing the mower to run every day, so it can catch those patches of long grass. 

When it comes to cutting heights, their adjustable cutting heights are loved by users. The 450X is suited for those preferring lower cutting heights (between 0.8″ and 2.4″), whereas the 450XH is designed for higher cutting preferences (between 2″ and 3.5″), which is particularly useful for handling thicker lawns.

The 450X incorporates two other cutting modes, Spot and Spiral. These modes are useful for areas where the grass is thicker or around obstacles like flower beds.

Spot mode allows the mower to be manually moved to a specific location that needs special attention, and it then cuts using a spiral pattern. The Spiral mode can also be utilized to cut in a circular pattern around flower beds and bushes. 

Many users report that both models, the 450X and 450XH, offer strong cutting performances, so you won’t be disappointed.

Lawn Size and Cutting Deck for 450X and 450XH

One of the crucial considerations to make when buying a robot mower is the size of the yard. Ideally, you want the lawnmower to cut the entire lawn in one charge, or as close to it as possible.

The Husqvarna 450X mower range is designed to work on lawn sizes of up to 1.25 acres (5,000 sq. meters). With a run time of 270 minutes, most lawns of this size are well within its capabilities.

Many users have had positive experiences with the 450X and 450XH models in managing large and complex areas because of the good navigation and coverage capabilities.

It is important to consider the complexity of the yard, including obstacles and slopes, as these factors can affect the mowing efficiency of the robot mowers. Grass length, thickness, and steep slopes can all affect its actual coverage, including using the more battery power.

But don’t worry, if the mower ever runs low on battery, the robot mower simply returns to its charging base, recharges and sets off to complete the parts it missed.

Think about what you’d need to do with your petrol mower if you didn’t have any gas lying around the home. Electric lawn mowers have a huge advantage when it comes to “fuel.” 

The cutting deck also plays a part in determining the maximum yard size an automower can deal with. The cutting deck is the area underneath the mower where the blades spin. The larger the cut deck, the more grass the mower can cut in a single pass.

With the Husqvarna 450X, the cutting deck is 24″. As with most robotic mowers, the Husqvarna uses a floating deck. A floating deck allows changes to the cutting height with adjustments made through the mower’s keypad or the mobile app. 

450X and 450XH Handling Different Types of Lawns – Flat, Slopes, Ditches

Not every lawn is as flat and shaped like a pool table, but that’s ok. Husqvarna automowers are designed to deal with awkward obstacles, but you also want to coach it. 

There are a few steps you should take before setting it off on its first cut and potentially falling victim to larger obstacles. Make sure all unnecessary holes and gaps are filled in, so the mower doesn’t fall in.

The 450X and 450XH do have ultrasonic sensors that will detect obstacles, but the ultrasonic obstacle detection might not catch everything, so you’ll want to also just do a manual check. 

Do also outline areas the mower should avoid with the perimeter wire (green wire). That includes flower beds, ditches, bushes, and areas with water like ponds. Once this is done, the mower knows its boundaries and won’t stray into dangerous territory.

The Husqvarna 450XH and 450X also feature large wheels that enables it to cope with steep slopes of up to 24 degrees. The wheel sizes also helps the mower blades avoid hitting the ground and scalping the hill. 

450X and 450XH Setup and Installation

The first thing to point out as far as installation goes is that your local Husqvarna dealer is likely to offer an installation service. 

The robot mower set-up experience is something we should all go through to learn about your mowers, but the downside is it does take a good amount of time. The process could take 2-4 hours or more. Perimeter wire installation is one part of it, so if you have a large and complex yard, the time could be longer.

Professional installation could be worth it if it doesn’t cost that much when compared to the mower price. You’d save a lot of hours and the installer would be able to help you with the settings that’s best for your lawn. So do consider that as it could make your Husqvarna a more effective robot mower.

These are the general setup and installation steps whether you want to do it yourself or have a professional do it. 

One of the benefits of a robot mower is that it cuts your grass often and works best with continuous cutting action. But it’s not as great with long, unkept grass. If your grass is long, it’s a good idea to cut your grass first with a traditional mower. Extremely long grass may cause the robot to get stuck. 

The next step is to install boundary wire that defines the cutting area of the mower and is also used around obstacles such as flower beds, ponds and bushes. The wire can be buried to a depth of between 4-6 inches or pinned as low as possible to the edges of your lawn. For large lawns, you may want to buy additional perimeter wire and a box of ground pegs (staples) to be able to set up your whole yard. 

You’ll also need to lay one or two guide wires along the longest part of your lawn and attached to both the boundary wire and the charging station. They help guide the automower back to the charging dock to recharge.

The charging station should be placed somewhere out of direct sunlight and within range of a power outlet. Once placement is done, put the mower on the charging station to charge it before its first run.

Programming the robot mower can be done on the 19 button keypad or through the mobile app. You can set things like the frequency, date/times to mow your lawn, and the height you want your lawn to be cut to.

If you have taller grass, set it to the highest height to start with. Then work your way down after each session. Robots are not made to go from really tall grass to short grass in at once. It’s a gradual process. 

Your Husqvarna 450X / 450XH Robotic Lawn Mower is now ready to begin its work!

450X and 450XH Design and Build Quality

The Husqvarna 450XH and 450X come from a company with a long history of building high-quality and robust machinery. They have a design and build philosophy that they have carried over to this latest generation of smart products. 

They do have LED headlights, making them energy-efficient. The LED lights really aren’t needed other than to let you know where it is on the lawn at night. The 450X can mow the lawn in the dark with no problems! Well, the other reason for the lights is they’ll start flashing if there’s a malfunction with the mower. 

However, the machine itself is solid enough that you’d expect to get many years of quality service from it. Husqvarna also offers a full range of spare parts should specific parts become damaged. 

The battery can be considered one of the parts that’d need replacing, but not as often as you’d expect. 

Automower® Robotic Lawn Mower Creates Manicured Lawns Spot | Husqvarna

450X and 450XH Battery Life and Power Source

The Automower 450X’s battery life is worth considering from a couple of points of view.

First, this is one of the better batteries, especially when compared to previous top-notch robot mowers. Under good conditions, it can cut for 270 minutes on a single 60-minute charge time. There aren’t many other models that able to boast the same. 

Then there is the actual life of your battery and how long they’ll survive. Depending on the size of your lawn and the frequency of mowing, you’d expect a battery to last between five and seven years. That’s if you use the 450X/450XH for 6 months out of the year on a daily basis.

Mentioned before, to power the mower you should position the docking station within 50-feet of a power source. 

450X and 450XH Mower Controls and Programming

The Husqvarna can be controlled in a number of ways, first there is a simple start button that will set the mower off with just a single push of the button.

For most people to utilize the full benefits of the mower, it’s better to set mowing times and frequency. This can be done from within the smartphone app or by the keypad and screen on the mower itself. 

The extra benefit of using the app is you can also control the mower from a remote location and receive alerts wherever you are. . 

450X and 450XH Smart Technologies 

A great benefit with the Automower 450X and 450XH is their ability to integrate with smart home technologies. If you have a Google Home or Amazon Alexa compatible speaker, then you can also use voice commands to control the robot mower.

You’ll also be able to have better integration with existing smart garden and smart home devices in the house.

450X and 450XH Safety and Security

Safety and security are two important aspects of robot mowers you’ll want to consider. 

Is the 450X and 450XH Safe?

If the Automower 450X/450XH hits an object, it will be a light, low-speed touch and the mower will stop and turn round by itself. If you have children around, it’s safe too.

If a child or adult for that matter, picks the mower up when it’s mowing, the blades will automatically stop spinning. There is also a wide space between the outer edge and the blades which prevents hands and feet from accidentally touching the blades.

Is the 450X and 450XH Secure?

The 450X and 450XH have several anti-theft features. If a thief tries to take it from your yard, it has built-in alarms that require a security PIN code to be entered if it’s stopped or the alarm will sound.

You can also set a  timer-lock, which requires the PIN code to be entered at time intervals you decide on. Another feature is the installation lock, this lock means that the automower can only function while inside the original installation area. If the robot mower was taken outside the perimeter wire by thieves, the 450X won’t function.

Finally, there is the GPS tracking system, this allows the device’s location to be pinpointed using its built-in GPS.

450X and 450XH Noise Levels

The 450X and 450XH have a decibel rating of 59dB, which to put into context is about the same noise level as a normal human conversation.

These automowers are quiet enough that you can run it at night without disturbing the neighbors. 

For comparison a gas-powered lawn mower usually comes in anywhere between 95 and 100 dB.

450X and 450XH Weather Protection

These mowers are designed to work and live outdoors, as such they are robust enough to keep functioning in all but extreme conditions.

However, there are some precautions you can take to benefit both your mower and your lawn long-term. Make sure the docking station is somewhere out of direct sunlight and sheltered with an additional covering.

Also, it is wise to take it indoors during extremely hot weather, in the winter, or when it’s not grass-growing season. These steps will help prolong the life of your unit. Husqvarna actually has the Weather Timer feature just for that. 

When it’s dry, sunny, or late in the season, the 450X and 450XH will not mow as much. That helps to lower the wear and tear on the mower and the lawn. 

If you do want to test the mower, it’s weatherproof enough that it can be left in place for most, if not all,  of the growing season. It can even cut your grass in the rain.

450X and 450XH Maintenance and Cleaning

Robot mowers are rather low maintenance, but it’s still a good idea to do some little things to help the longevity of the Automowers. 

Like traditional mower blades, it’s important to periodically check and clean the blades under the mower. Thick layers of grass clippings and/or other debris could quicken the pace that you’ll need to replace the blades, as well as increase the chances of something breaking. 

The blades are reversible, so you get two uses out of each set before needing to be replaced. Depending on your mowing schedule, yard size, and type of and length of grass, this could be as frequently as every couple of months. 

450X and 450XH Accessories

Husqvarna offers a range of accessories for the Automower 450X and 450XH, including installation kits with the necessary boundary and guide wires, ground pegs, replacement blades, and endurance blades.

They also have a housing kit that protects your mower when it is on the docking station, wall-hangers, wheels designed for rougher terrains, replaceable covers and more.

450X and 450XH are Eco-Friendly Mowers

The Husqvarna Automower and other robotic lawn mowers are good for the environment. Automowers run on electricity, so they have zero emissions. With constant cutting of the grass, the grass clippings act as a natural fertilizer for the yard, which means no chemical lawn treatments.

No chemicals going into the ground is great for the local environment. Noise pollution is also a non-issue as Husqvarna Automowers are quiet, usually 59-60 decibels, which is the same loudness as a normal conversation. 

Watch How Husqvarna Automower® Robotic Lawn Mower Works

Husqvarna Automower 450X/450XH Pros and Cons

450X/450XH Pros

  • Set up and forget is the obvious one. No longer do you have to spend precious downtime mowing the lawn.
  • Also, the model can navigate the most awkward of lawn shapes and can cope with paths of down to 24″ in size.
  • It is also one of the most powerful and rugged on the market, not only can it run for 4.5 hrs on one charge, it can also cope with slopes of 24 degrees with ease.
  • Eco-friendly with zero-emissions. 

450X/450XH Cons

  • My big disappointment with this mower was the lack of a rain sensor. Okay, it can cut your grass in the rain, but this isn’t ideal for your lawn.

Final Thoughts on Husqvarna Automower 450X and 450XH

If you have a large yard and not a fan of mowing the yard, then the Husqvarna 450X and 450XH are great solutions. The set up can be a bit fiddly, but once that is done, you can pretty much forget about 99% of your lawn’s maintenance requirements. 

If you fancy checking it out for yourself then they are available on the following links Husqvarna 450X  and Husqvarna 450XH. 

Check out other Husqvarna robotic mower reviews if the 450X/450XH aren’t quite what you’re looking for:

Husqvarna 450X and 450XH FAQs

What Are The Benefits of a Husqvarna Automower?

A Husqvarna Automower provides owners with many benefits with the biggest as a major time saver to having a great looking lawn all year round. No more weekends spent mowing the lawn. No more worries about fertilizing the grass either because robot mowers provide fertilizer mulch with grass clippings from the constant cutting. It provides your lawn with fertilizer every time it mows, so the more it mows, the more the grass grows.

Is the Husqvarna Automower Easy to Use?

The Husqvarna Automower is easy to use with it being an autonomous mower. Once it’s set up and installed, the robot mower pretty much runs itself with minimum interaction from the owner. 

How Do I Install a Husqvarna Automower? 

To install and get a Husqvarna Automower up and running takes 5 steps. Installing any automower involves running a perimeter wire around your lawn, the installation of a docking base, adjust a few settings on the mobile app, scheduling a cutting routine, and enjoy your great looking lawn!

How Long Does a Husqvarna Automower Last?

The Husqvarna Automower itself can last 10 years or more if it’s maintained well. Robot mowers are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and last many years. The battery and other parts of the Automower like the blades will need to be replaced multiple times within that time frame. A couple batteries will probably be replaced and blades will be replaced every 2-3 months.

Is a Husqvarna Automower Good for the Environment?

The Husqvarna Automower and other robotic lawn mowers are great for the environment. They use electricity, so they have zero emissions. With constant cutting of the grass, the grass clippings act as a natural fertilizer for the yard, which means no chemical lawn treatments. No chemicals going into the ground is great for the local environment. Noise pollution isn’t an issue for Husqvarna Automowers with the robots as quiet as a normal conversation at 59-60 dB.

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