Growing a Spider Plant in Aquariums and Aquaponics

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While Spider Plants are certainly not aquatic garden plants, they can be successfully grown in regular fish tanks, aquariums, and aquaponics systems.

It can be tricky to achieve this though, if you don’t know how.

That’s why in this article, we’ve outlined everything you need to know to start growing Spider Plants in aquariums—keeping their leaves dry and meeting all their basic lighting conditions, nutrient, and aeration requirements!

Can You Grow Spider Plants in Aquariums?

Spider Plants with Other Kinds of Plants on Aquarium Floor

Spider Plants are popular houseplants that can have proper growth as healthy plants in aquariums, provided a few environmental conditions for Spider Plant are met.

Aquariums and fish tanks are certainly not the natural and preferred habitats of these non-aquatic plants, which normally grow in moist soil.

Despite this, many people have managed to grow these terrestrial plants successfully as aquarium plants.

The main condition that needs to be met is that only the roots should be submerged, not the entire Spider Plant.

The plant foliage should be kept above the water to avoid rotting.

The ideal aquarium environment for Spider Plants is one where other plants are present since this can make a big difference in CO2 and oxygen levels.

Finally, freshwater aquariums with proper lighting and vigorous aeration systems are best.

Growing Spider Plants in smaller tanks and fish bowls without proper lighting and water aeration won’t probably result to optimal plant growth.

Are Spider Plants Good for Aquaponics?

Spider Plant Inside an Aquarium with Different Plants

Mature Spider Plants are not only a good plant for aquaponics, but they are also one of the perfect plant to grow in an aquaponic setup.

These plants are well-suited for tank growth due to being hardy plants, ability to thrive in low indirect light conditions, and are low-maintenance houseplants.

Aquaponics is a method that merges aquaculture and hydroponics to create a mutually beneficial environment for both plants and fish.

Spider Plants are known to filter water by absorbing essential nutrients, thus improving its suitability for fish.

The conditions that need to be met to successfully grow Spider Plants in aquaponics are similar to the ones we talked about before.

The Spider Plant roots should be the only submerged part of the plant, which can be achieved by using a floating tray with a hole from which the roots can dangle into the water.

The tray should be secured to keep the plant from tipping over.

Ideally, the tank should be well-aerated or planted with submerged oxygenators and the temperature should be stabilized to prevent thermal shocks.

There will also be no need to add liquid fertilizers as the key nutrient requirements of these plants will be met by the nutrients from fish poop, which act as an excellent fertilizers for Spider Plants.

Finally, to ensure that you will have thriving Spider Plant, you should make sure of regularly removing any dead or rotten parts.

Benefits of a Spider Plant in Your Aquarium

Close-Up Photo of a Fish Close to Spider Plants

The coexistence of plants and animals has always been beneficial, thus keeping Spider Plants in your aquarium has many benefits, both for the plant and for the aquarium itself:

  1. Spider Plants are very decorative, so they will improve the look of your aquarium.
  2. Spider Plants will filter the water and make it more suitable for fish.
  3. Spider Plants have the ability to regulate temperature and humidity levels in their surroundings.
  4. When used with other plants, they contribute to the equilibrium of oxygen and CO2 concentrations.
  5. The presence of fish will mean that your Spider Plants won’t need any fertilizer.
  6. You won’t have to remember to water your Spider Plants.
  7. Your aquarium lighting and its proper aeration methods will benefit Spider Plants.

Final Thoughts on Growing Spider Plants in Aquariums

The Spider Plant is an excellent addition to any well-kept aquarium, as it not only adds a unique aesthetic but also has numerous benefits for the fish species living inside it.

By absorbing nitrates, carbon dioxide, and other harmful chemicals, Spider Plants create a healthy and balanced environment for fish to thrive.

They have low proper care requirements and suitable for beginners or busy individuals.

The Spider Plant is a suitable option for aquarium enthusiasts who want to enhance the aesthetics or promote the wellbeing of their fish.

Consider adding some plants to your underwater environment for an enhanced experience! Choose the best Spider Plant for your aquarium and create a healthy home for your aquatic pets!

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