14 Best Small Houseplants for Tiny Homes

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Whether you live in a small apartment, condo, or other small spaces, and you want to decorate or add some color to it, there are lots of small houseplants to choose from.

Often, when living in a confined space, it just doesn’t seem pragmatic to start collecting houseplants. But a little greenery can go a long way in both decorating and lifting your spirits. What’s more, small plants are kind of like potato chips, it’s hard to stop at just one.

Here is our list of favorite small houseplants for small spaces, in alphabetical order. 

1. African Violet

African Violet Small Houseplant

The African Violet is the queen of small flowering plants for indoors, growing to a maximum height of six inches tall. They will bloom throughout the entire year and are famous for their deep-hued vibrant colors, including purple, pinks, blues, white, and even red.

They need to be watered from the bottom to avoid damaging their velvety leaves. Place them in a saucer for 5 to 10 minutes and let them soak up what they need. Then empty the saucer and you’re done till the next watering.

2. Air Plants

Air Plants Small Houseplant

Air plants are fascinating creatures as they don’t need any soil for survival. If you prefer to avoid dealing with dirt and containers, an air plant or Tillsandia is easy to cultivate.

Often, they are cultivated in open terrariums for good air circulation. They do need full sun and misting several times weekly, as well as a soaking weekly.

These epiphytic plants can be grown almost anywhere, including on a bed of pretty stones, or in a bowl or basket.

3. Anthurium Plant

Anthurium Plant Small Houseplant

While there are taller versions of Anthurium plants, it is also easy to find a small version. They have waxy heart-shaped blooms in a variety of colors. The bright red is quite the eye-catcher.

The flowers will last as much as six to eight weeks, so you’ll have lovely flowers to come home to every day. It only requires bi-weekly watering and occasional feeding, making it a hardy plant and low-maintenance.

4. Cacti

Cacti and Succulents Small Houseplant

Small cacti and succulents are all the rage now. They come in the tiniest of sizes for the smallest of pots. These are among the most low-maintenance houseplants sold.

They only require good light, so if you have a nice location near a window, you can start your very own cactus family. Water them weekly in the spring and summer, but only every three to four weeks in the winter and fall.

5. Calathea Plant

Calathea Plant Small Houseplant

A dramatic little diva, the Calathea Plant features stunning foliage in red, green, and cream. It likes bright indirect sunlight. If it receives too much direct light, the colors will fade.

An evenly moist soil bed is all the Calathea asks in return for its attention-grabbing leaves. It is also a mover! The plant’s leaves will open up and extend outward to be flat during the day. It will then close upright, as soon as the sun goes down.

6. Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe Plant Small Houseplant

Kalanchoe succulents are beloved for their long-lasting blossoms in multiple colors. If you really want a tiny plant, try a mini Kalanchoe. They tend to remain small and require very little from plant parents.

Good indirect light and a bit of water every so often are all the Kalanchoe asks for, and you’ll have lovely flowers. The Kalanchoe does very well in low humidity, dry environments.

7. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Small Houseplant

The Lucky Bamboo plant isn’t really a bamboo plant, but is related to lilies. They are a terrific choice for those who would like a plant, but don’t want to deal with soil, because these plants can be cultivated in water.

They’re small, vertical growing, and you won’t have to worry about watering them. Just remember to change the water weekly.

8. Shamrock Plant (Oxalis)

Shamrock Plant Oxalis Small Houseplant

The Shamrock Plant is a beautiful small plant with dark purple foliage that resembles butterflies or purple shamrocks. It needs only partial sunlight and the soil bed should not be overly moist. There are a number of varieties like the False Shamrock that will offer different colors and looks.

It can bloom pink, purple, or white flowers indoors if the environmental conditions are right. If you have a white or light-colored décor, the delicate oxalis will offer a stunning contrast. Both leaves and blooms will open or close depending on the light at any given moment.

9. Peperomia Plant

Peperomia Plant Small Houseplant

The Peperomia is a delightful houseplant that can grow from four to eight inches in height with an occasional maximum of ten inches tall. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes with one of the most well-known being the Watermelon Peperomia, displaying stripes like the beloved fruit.

It enjoys high humidity, meaning it is a great little plant for brightening up a bathroom as it is native to rainforests. As a low-light houseplant, it does not require direct sunlight and is an ideal candidate for small dish gardens and terrariums.

10. Pilea Plant (Chinese Money Plant)

Pilea Plant Small Houseplant

The Pilea Plant or Mini Pilea is also known as the Chinese Money Plant and loves indirect sun. It fascinates all with its unique round leaves.

It is an easy plant to cultivate with well-draining soil. Watering is easily accomplished by soaking and then allowing the soil bed to dry out. Because the foliage is so unusual, it looks great in the simplest of containers.

11. Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant Small Houseplant

If you want some bright color, consider a small Polka Dot Plant in brilliant red, pink, white, or green. It enjoys indirect bright light and is often called the Freckle Face Plant for its lively collection of spots.

The Polka Dot enjoys humidity, so it’s a colorful choice for decorating a bathroom. To keep your Polka Dot small and busy, just trim back the plant as it grows.

12. Pothos Plant

Pothos Plant Small Houseplant

The Pothos Plant is an attractive vining plant that you can also prune into a small stand-up, green plant. It looks great as a trailing vine from high perches or hanging baskets.

The pothos comes in a variety of sizes, so even if you’ve seen some larger versions, a small variegated pothos is available and will add color to any spot.

These plants are not demanding and very forgiving. They do not require direct sunlight and will adjust to low light conditions easily. They will forgive you if you forget to water them.

Soak them when the soil bed is dry and let them drain well in a sink. They’ll reward you with vibrant heart-shaped variegated greenery. And if they grow too much for your space, trim them back without fear.

13. Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens are a popular option for small container gardening. Choose your container size and select some miniature plants to entice the fairies to take up residence. And there are all sorts of fairy accessories to add to your miniature garden.

14. Terrariums

Terrarium Small Houseplant

A terrarium garden is an alternative for creating your own miniature garden. Terrariums are tiny ecosystems that are housed within transparent containers, usually glass. You can make one out of an empty jar using a combination of gravel, sand, moss, and soil, with your favorite mini plants.

Get those creative juices flowing when designing yours. Imagine having your very own miniature garden on the coffee table!

Decorating with Small Houseplants

Small spaces offer the perfect opportunity to cultivate and brighten your space with a little greenery and some indoor flowers.

Ideal for bookshelves, nightstands, bathroom sinks, refrigerators, or kitchen counters. Plants on windowsills are also a great option. 

If you don’t have a great deal of counter space, table, or shelf space, consider a mini wall garden with air plants, or cacti and succulents in small hanging containers.

Use hanging baskets with vine plants like pothos and philodendron plants. Or perch a vining plant atop a wardrobe, refrigerator, or tall cabinet to add some flowing green color.

Tiny houses (the ones that measure 100 to 400 square feet) are in vogue as are RVs for full-time habitation. Military barracks, college dorms, houseboats, and all sorts of smaller living spaces are in use, some by choice and others out of necessity.

Small Houseplants Final Thoughts 

No matter where you live, you can bring nature indoors into your living space with these indoor plants.   

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