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Smart Garden and Home ( is happy to announce that we’ve acquired the domain. The acquisition will mean a better experience for all you, our visitors!

With, the combined resources and expertise will lead to more content in the Organic Gardening and Farming topics.

About Wow Farms

The domain used to be the website for Wow Farm, a family-owned farm on the Big Island in Waimea. They grew a variety of vine-ripened organic tomatoes on 10 acres of Homestead Land.

All their produce was organically grown with no chemicals or pesticides, ending up with the sweetest tomatoes in Hawaii. They grew a variety of tomatoes and vegetables:

About Smart Garden and Home

Smart Garden and Home is a leader in educating the public about all things gardening. They cover a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Houseplants and Indoor Plants
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  • Indoor Smart Gardens from AeroGarden, Click & Grow, and More
  • Gardening Tools
  • So much more!

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Henry Bravo, a University of California, Davis graduate with a BS in Plant Sciences, combines his expertise in horticulture with a passion for smart technology. He specializes in smart gardens, hydroponics, and robotic lawn care, aiming to enhance gardening practices for families. Henry's articles focus on integrating cutting-edge technology to make gardening more efficient and enjoyable, reflecting his commitment to merging natural greenery with innovative solutions.